Sweata Weatha and pumpkin seeds.

You’ve seen the SNL skit, right? Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler saying “Finally, it’s sweata weatha. Sweata Weatha.” It’s hilarious! My sister and I send the clip back and forth to one another all summer waiting for that mythical Tennessee fall to kick in, and then again on the first day we bust out the sweaters and cute jackets. This morning (after sleeping with the window cracked to let in the amazing breeze), Tootie woke me up trying to crawl under my shirt to warm her little legs up. It was so chilly out that I had to close the window and put the three of us in sweats for breakfast. Of course, this is Tennessee, so by noon, it was like 65+ and we were all sweating and looking for tshirts.

We had a pumpkin that Tootie picked up at the hardware store, but alas, it had become squishy. Have no fear! I said, bird and squirrel snacks are here! So I popped the top off, swirled the seeds around ( there were a LOT of seeds in that little pumpkin!) and set the little guy out on the porch. We’ve had quite a time sitting and watching out the storm door to see what birds visit our feeder and how many little squirrels steal the pumpkin seeds. I grew up on a little hobby farm, so pumpkins, Christmas trees, and other fruits and veggies were automatically goat and bunny treats! I enjoyed the memories I had today, sitting with my toddler and my big kid watching the animals. Tadpole always loves the stories about our goats and their shenanigans, Tootie has yet to meet an animal she didn’t like!

But, once those leaves start to fall, I can’t help but start crocheting warm and cozy things! Hats are always a great go-to, so many possibilities with colors, stitch patterns, and yarn weights. But this week, I’m finishing up a cardigan! My sweet friend is always sending me great ideas, and we’ve worked together numerous times to make her handmade goodies. Now, she’s ready for something bigger than amigurumi or sleeveless cardigans, so with her color choices and my hook, she’s soon going to sport the Boho Duster Cardigan by Breann at Hooked On Homemade Happiness. Her color choices were black and grey, which look great together and go with anything.

This is a great free pattern you can find on her blog by clicking here. Within Breann’s original post are links to both her Ravelry and Etsy listings of the ad free, printable versions!

Enjoy, and happy creating!


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